Tuesday, March 11, 2014

21 Weeks!!/ Sleep is a Beautiful Thing

I've discovered a pattern; the bump is getting higher and maybe wider! :--)
EH and I went to our 20 week appt at the Perinatologist this morning and I left feeling disappointed and just a smidge worried. First, their fancy schmancy/hi tech ultrasound machine broke so instead of viewing Whelpalina on a large flat screen we had to settle for a portable ultrasound machine---basically a lap top. It was really hard for me to make out the parts that the tech was pointing out. It all just seemed like a gritty blur on the screen. AND....we got no pictures...whomp whomp. The GOOD news is Whelpalina is doing just fine!! She was not into the ultrasound exam at all and was laying down with her ankles crossed so the tech really had to shake me around to get her to cooperate. Sounds like my daughter already! She's 13 oz and 10 1/2 inches long....HURRAY!! I am, indeed, feeding her enough :-)

I was a bit worried when the tech pointed out two fibroids that were growing in my uterus. They're pretty small (1cm each) and they don't seem to be affecting Whelpalina at all. The whole thing made my anxiety go into overdrive. I knew there was a possibility that my fibroids could grow back during pregnancy but I was hoping I would escape the inevitable. Either way, the doctor doesn't think they'll grow much more than that and EH assures me that Whelpalina has them beat on size alone.


Since Whelpalina is doing well ,and we're feeling more confident with time, we've decided we can finally tell our extended family and good friends about the pregnancy. I ended up going with this card:

I decided that it said everything I wanted to say so I stuck with it. I'm kind of anxious about the response that we're going to get. I'm sending it out as a private message to a select group of family and friends on Facebook just to make it easier on myself but I'm already feeling anxious about the sheer number of replies I'll have to make. I may just wait a few days for them all to come in and give a standard group "Thank You" to everyone. Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed by all this?? With the exception of my good friend from Canada who I spoke to a few minutes ago, I don't want anybody to call me because I don't have the energy to talk to people about the same thing over and over again. Am I wrong??

In other news, I'm TIRED. I mean, like, all the time.  I no longer take naps during the day because it's a nice thing to do. Now, it's NECESSARY. I was getting ready to cook dinner the other day and I just fell out asleep on the couch and ended up cooking late. I just could not hang. The crazy thing is that when I do nap it's only for at most an hour and I'm still exhausted during the day but can't really sleep well at night, so I end up feeling pretty sleep-deprived. I recently went to babies r us and bought myself a Snoogle:

Hey Snoogle, what's poppin??

I'm convinced it's the best thing in the whole freakin' world!! I told EH that Snoogle and I have decided to run away together on a tropical vacation because Snoogle cuddles me all night long without me asking!.....he was very jealous. :-) Now, if I could only get my hot flashes under control....I may finally have some great sleep!


  1. Let it be known that I covet your Snoogle.

    Whelpalina was not pleased with the little screen. She just knew she was going to be shown in wide screen HD and when she heard about the little screen she said no thank you.

    Enjoy the sleep.

  2. Oh and I never want anyone to talk to me so you're feelings on the subject are awesome. :-)

  3. Oh my gosh! This snoogle is the BEST thing. I got some good sleep last night ONLY because I convinced EH not to turn the heat on in the bedroom so I could be cool. The announcement had some hiccups in the beginning but all in all it turned out well and I'm glad it's over! Truly, if it were up to me, I would just show up places with a baby and not tell anyone.