Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blame Canada!

El Hubster and I are back from a wonderful trip to the mountains of Quebec. We stayed at a B & B near the Mt. Tremblant Ski Resort. I'll say was really hot in June hot. The heat worked out well for us though because we got to hike and walk trails and we weren't freezing our butts off.
We saw so many cool sites during our stay, this was taken on the road to our B & B, right off of Lake Tremblant. 


There's the B & B owner Pierre (Yes, that really is his name!) riding to the gym. He and his wife Sylvie made us yummy food every morning.
This is the awesome waterfall down the street from the B & B...can you imagine? "Oh yeah, that's just the waterfall at the end of my block" this point I wanted to move there...sigh
We walked up Mt. Tremblant as far as the South Base and were rewarded with another lovely waterfall which El Hubster just had to explore...
I had my stern face on while I took this picture!
Halfway up we were greeted with this sign...warning us to watch out for BEARS!! We really must be fearless because we kept going up!
That night we ate "downtown"..I put downtown in quotes because it really was just 2-3 blocks. Above is the WORST Mexican food we have ever had...I guess the French aren't down with the cuisine...Honestly, most of the food we ate was TERRIBLE!
We killed time by playing pool in the village...which we totally sucked at...totally. But it was so much FUN.
This is FoFo, one of the owners' dogs who very kindly kept us company while we played French Scrabble...
This was taken about 5 miles into our 10 mile hike...we were pretty sure a bear would come out and eat us any minute...

This is a rolling river we came across about ten minutes later...

So, we saw some pretty cool things, were out in nature (which we love), hiked 1/4 of the way up a 2,870 ft mountain, walked a 10-mile trail through the forest, slept A LOT, ate some pretty bad food but by far the most interesting thing we saw before we left Canada was this...

Yep!!! We did it!!! We're having a Little P! We are beyond thrilled and so grateful to God for answered prayer...Stick around Little P....look how adventurous and fun your parents are!



    I cried! Real tears!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    There aren't enough exclamation points!

    Stick Little P stick!!!


    (Also, that Blame Canada song is stuck in my head now!)


  2. OH, heart is FULL TO BURSTING!!! I am trying super hard not to let my anxiety get the better of me and practicing living in the moment...your support and encouragement mean so much :-)!!!! Go Little P, Go!!