Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 weeks!! Little P Lives!!!

El Hubster and I just got back from our last visit with SuperDoc :-( We were so blessed to see our Little P on the screen...LIVE and DIRECT with a heartbeat measuring within range at 115bpm....swoon. This is the first heartbeat we have ever heard and the sound was better than any other sound that exists. Seriously.
El Hubster was practically stunned into silence and I fell in love with our little blip on the screen. Stick around Little P, stick around! We LOVE you!

Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord!

Now I'm off to drink water (which I hate but am forcing myself to drink) and sleep.


  1. Little P! It is so nice to meet you. You're being loved on so much already!

    It is the best sound in the world! And water is about to be your best friend.

    Are you deemed "normal" now and back to your regular OB?

  2. Oh what a joyous day it was! Yes, we have officially graduated from the specialist. Going to the preliminary interview/history taking at the new ob next week. It feels so bittersweet. I feel like I owe superdoc so much. There will be Christmas cards every year for as long as I'm alive. We'll probably go back to her for number two though. ugh...water..I cheat and put a little fruit juice in it.