Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hanging In There

I'm getting seriously impatient about my first ultrasound. I can't believe I have to wait until the 28th to see if Little P is actually in there.

I've been so lax with this blog since we found out the news and I'm trying to figure out why...I think it's because I'm sort of in limbo right now. I feel like I'm moving forward but doing so in really thick oatmeal or molasses. It simply won't be real until I can see it with my own eyes and/or am throwing up my life in the toilet...and I don't want to put my negative energy out here in cyberspace...

Random Thoughts

1. I'm really hungry..mostly for baked potatoes with butter, salt and sour cream and anything Jamaican

2. I'm tired...like all the time

3. I'm really tired of the way CNN sensationalizes disasters

4. I have no interest in award shows anymore...

5. I miss Scandal already

6. I hate when white folk move to foreign countries and say they want to live "in the community" but really they just wanna live among people who look like them...is that annoying to anyone else??

7. El Hubster and I have not been intimate since we got back from Canada....and I'm ok with it. I have absolutely NO sex drive right now. Zero, zip, ZILCH!

8. I was watching a lifetime movie last week and bawled my eyes out like somebody killed my cat...I mean UGLY crying

9. I'm angry with El Hubster for one infraction or another most of the time but I have absolutely no reason to be....hormones??

10. It's been almost a year since I got my masters degree and I still have not scheduled my licensing exam...really feeling like my life goals are on hold right now...I gotta get on that..starting tomorrow


  1. I love the random thoughts. I too miss Scandal. I don't even know what to do on Thursdays anymore. Angry with the husband now...yes, it's the hormones. Don't worry it'll get worse! lol. He better brace himself.

  2. it's hormone central up in here!! I truly miss my show...el hubster and I watch it together and he loves it just as much....fall is soooo far away...