Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun at the Geat New York State Fair

 EH and I were SO EXCITED for our first trip to the NY State Fair that we could hardly sleep the night before. EH went to college at the University of Albany so he was already familiar with the area but I had never been.  We saw the advertisement for the Fair by chance and decided that we would make it a point to go at all costs because why not??

We set up the Pandora and listened to some awesome tunes all the way up. Somewhere over the Palisades at an elevation of about 3000 ft we drove into some beautiful low clouds. I can't drive at all (hope to change that this Fall!) but there's nothing that makes me happier than a long stretch of highway. At times I felt like we were the only people in the world.

Once we got there, we made a beeline for food. I ditched the Metformin for the day so I could actually enjoy my gluttony but I ended up not eating as much as I thought I would. EH and I shared this fried dough but it was a little too greasy for me. I wouldn't mind eating it again though.

Later on, we each had an ear of roasted corn dipped in butter and covered in parmesan cheese!! ARRRRRGGHHHHH! It was so good. EH devoured most of his before I got him to take a picture. It took me about 15 minutes to finish mine.

Then we were off to see the animals. I'm a serious animal lover and I just melted with love for them. This Llama and I are having a serious conversation about world affairs....doesn't he look totally interested?? I think he's giving me some serious side-eye.

This picture doesn't show it as well as I'd like but this is a MONSTER horse...It was taller than EH and about 6ft long. It was hay time so it wasn't paying us much attention. It reminded us how powerful God's creatures are. I rode a horse briefly in Elementary school but this is one horse no one should ride.

We were happy to come across this teenage girl and her horse. We talked about the horses mane which she braided by hand. This guy must be pretty tame because I can't imagine that was an easy task.

We checked in with the equestrians for a bit and saw a few competitions. It was like a mind massage. Who knew being in an arena full of dirt and sand could be so relaxing?

 These goats are two cute for words. I think the brown one is giving me a smile...

This ram is getting a nice grooming. Right after this picture was taken he vocalized and it sounded like a full grown man...EH and I both jumped back about a foot. We were sure he was gonna get down off the platform and ram us.

We walked so much at this fair....I would say at least 3 miles. I was surprised by the sheer size of the fairgrounds. We would have had to stay a full weekend to see it all. When we came to this Amish built cabin, it was a welcome rest for our feet.

I loved this sheep's locs! She's baaaad and she knows it....see what I did there?? Ha!

So, we decided that a trip to the fair is going to be an annual thing for us. We were so sad that we had to leave by 4pm to get back on the road home. Next time we're gonna do it right and stay in a cheap motel for the weekend. I felt such joy on this day. It felt great to see and pet the animals and eat horrible food without a care in the world.

Summer is unofficially, or officially depending on who you ask, at an end and I wish I had done more but I'm grateful for the fun times we had. I'm still hoping for the beach on Monday!!