Monday, September 16, 2013

EH and I drove up to see a Perinatologist today which marks the end of our medical appointments for a while. I'm pretty happy about this because going to these appointments really takes it out of us. EH has to go into work late and, if it's a new place like it was today, we end up making some wrong turns.

Today, I generously donated 14 vials of blood to the doctor's office! This is by far the most I have ever done..

look at all the pretty colors and labels...
I got EH to take this photo while the lab tech was getting the first vial filled. This round of testing included a bunch of tests for blood clotting disorders and a chromosomal blood test for both of us. Our meeting with the perinatologist was a bit ho hum actually. He basically said that we're suffering from a case of "bad luck."

I was like, "I didn't drive all the way up here for you to tell us we have bad luck!" I was tight for a bit because medical professionals have a tendency to downplay your concerns in general and downplay the pain of loss, specifically. He mentioned that he had seen many patients with multiple miscarriages and that nine times out of 10 the issue is some kind of chromosomal abnormality.

I wish that gave me some comfort but it really doesn't. I really would rather point the finger at something concrete. Something we can fix. He repeatedly told us that he thought the tests would come back normal and that we just had to keep trying. If I hear "just keep trying" one more time, I think I'll scream!!

I have no doubt that DoctorDude has years of experience which make him an expert in these matters but what happened to "the customer is always right?" Run the damn tests and then take several seats!!

Side note: I love the Tamar & Vince show but I hate the way she's carrying on about being pregnant. For someone who was having issues getting pregnant in the first place, she sure is dismissive about the whole thing.

Hopefully, all the tests WILL come out normal but I can't say I'm mentally or emotionally prepared to play roulette a few more times until we get lucky.


  1. That's a lot of blood. A. Lot. You probably need several steaks now to make up the iron. (That's totally how my brain works all the time, justifying food)

    I hate the "we don't know..." non answer. Well find out. Until the keep it zipped mister!

    If you don't mind me asking (it's perfectly ok to tell me to kick several rocks), if it ends up being a chromosomal issue, what's the next step PGD? (I totally won't be offended by being told to kick rocks, I'm curious though)

    Keep trying makes me stabby.

  2. Ha! I actually ate a nice cheeseburger (a real one not from McDonalds) after the appointment for that very reason!

    I really wanted to lunge across the desk and hit that fool! It has to be something--You just don't know what it is! I'm a turn over every leaf kind of girl so I'm still turning...

    I totally had to google PGD...I know SuperDoc talked about it at our last appointment but it flew right over my head...but yes PGD would definitely be the next step if there was an issue.

  3. LOL! I thought about that after the fact. I only know what it is because of the ghost writing for the fertility place.

    Also, google is my favorite.