Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Magical Thinking

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
I battle with a desire to write about everything that's happening and keeping it close to my vest because my brain thinks if I'm quiet about it, everything will go well. It's magical thinking at its best folks! I also haven't been feeling that hot. My nausea has gotten a little worse, which I'm really excited about, but no actual tossing of cookies. I'm becoming a little more affected by smells. So...yay!

I decided, on a whim, this past weekend, that we should have a Christmas tree. We haven't had a Christmas tree in about two years because we've just been having some crappy years, emotionally. We had our first ever miscarriage around Christmas and then I had surgery around Christmas time last year. So, Christmas has not been my favorite holiday in a while. But this year I wanted to change that so I convinced EH to get us a tree. It's about my height at 5 ft tall so I already love it. I went to our local 99cent store and bought some gold and cream fixins for it. I'm most proud of my bootleg ribbon bow at the top of the tree. There probably won't be any presents under there because we're not so much into giving presents on Christmas. I just desperately needed something hopeful to look at.

Our Christmas tradition consists of going to church, donating money to a worthy charity--this year it's Team Rubicon, a Disaster Response Organization that's run by U.S. Veterans. We round out the day by seeing a movie double feature and having dinner with the in-laws.

Things are going pretty well in our little world :-) We reached 9 weeks today and had a visit with our new Perinatologist. The office was pretty small and professional. Just the way I like it! We met with the ultrasound tech first. The room was very fancy shmancy and we felt pretty important...lol. We got to see the baby, which I am officially calling Fish, move all around and measurements were taken. Fish's heartbeat was doing pretty well...i think it was up to 175 bpm. Fish got the nickname because of an amazing acrobatic feat performed while we were having the ultrasound done. We were staring at the big screen while the ultrasound tech was pushing on my stomach to get a good picture when, all of a sudden, our little 2cm grape did a sort of back flip to the other side of the uterus in a very annoyed manner. Hence...Fish.

We met with the Perinatologist briefly, who was very soft spoken and seemed to know his stuff. I told him that I wouldn't be stopping my Merformin and got no resistance from him so score for him. Next, we met with the genetic counselor, who they thought we might want to see based on our history of pregnancy loss. It was a pretty good meeting actually. She took an amazingly thorough medical history of both of our families and I learned that my red blood cells are smaller than usual. I've had a history of anemia but I always assumed it was because of my fibroid history. EH and I both got a hemoglobin test done to see what's what there. All in all the visit left us feeling at ease so it was a success. Now, we're just hoping and praying that we make it to 12 weeks! That's the goal for me. EH has already said that he won't celebrate until the baby is in his arms.

In other news, EH finally got the money from a grant he applied for eons ago so we're going to be getting an increase in finances in a little bit. Couldn't have come at a better time because we need to get rid of some debt! We truly, truly have been blessed to live comfortably in such a crappy economic climate, especially on only one income. We developed a snowball chart of all our outstanding debts and are going to be tackling them quickly, God willing. Speaking of EH, this week he surprised me with some early Christmas Ebay gifts! I got two pairs of sneakers, one for summer and one for running, both at about 20 buckaroos. I was very, very happy.

Go Ebay!

I'm feeling very blessed these days and I hope your family feels the same this holiday season!! Merry Christmas, Ya'll!!


  1. Happy everything is going well. We're also on the debt snowball. I can't wait to be debt free, either. 20 bucks for shoes, ADULT shoes, is awesome.

    1. Ha! Ebay is where it's at!! I'm really hoping we can stick to the snowball this time. It seems like we always get unexpected expenses whenever we start doing it but we're trying to be more persistent with it. Debt really sucks!

  2. Great shoe finds! And glad to hear about Fish, AND that your doctors are listening to you. That's awesome.

    I love your tree.

  3. I thank you and my bootleg tree thanks you! You should've seen me in the peri's office. I was ready to fight that man if he told me to go off the metformin but good for him..I think he saw the crazy in my eyes...yay Fish!

  4. Just had a moment to catch up on your blog and I am breathless with hope for you. Your Jane Austen quote summarizes it perfectly! I hope so much that 2014 is the year you bring a little one home with you.

    1. Thank you, Brooke! We're keeping a balance of hope and cautiousness. I'm hoping I'll be able to relax a little once we pass 12 weeks...I'm ready to feel happy about this pregnancy and more than ready to bring home our baby :-)