Saturday, January 4, 2014

Auld Lang---Sick

Happy New Year written in colourful multicoloured sparklers on a black background for your greetings and best wishes for a happy seasonHappy New Year Everyone!!'s cold outside ya'll!!!

It feels so good to rejoin the land of the living. EH brought home some sort of flu/cold hybrid situation into the house a couple of days before New Year's so we both spent the days leading up to 2014 as sick as dogs. It was truly, truly horrible. We didn't even get to smooch at midnight because we were both pretty much passed out. For us, the worst of it lasted only three days and we owe that to copious amounts of Vitamin D and C, chicken soup and SLEEP.

I broke down and sent EH out to get me some doctor approved cold medicine and vacillated all night on whether or not I should take it. I was terrified I was gonna cause some irreversible damage to Fish but in the end I only ended up taking it once and that dose ended being good enough for me. I was a mess all the days I was sick. I was convinced I was gonna cough and dislodge the baby. I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but these are the thoughts of a woman whose never ever made it this far...I'll be 12 weeks next Tuesday.

When I was feeling a little better I called my Ob/Gyn's office, which I'm still considering switching from, to get a prescription for more of my progesterone supplement. What I thought should have been a simple exercise turned into verbal sparring with my Ob/Gyn, WHO I HAVEN'T EVEN MET YET, over the necessity of the medication. This led to her having consultations with my RE and my Perinatologist before I finally got the prescription.

I can imagine that conversation:  "Oh yeah her. Yeah, she's totally irrational. Really believes that staying on the medication is gonna prevent another miscarriage. Yep. Well, she's a little nutty but it can't hurt so just give it to her."

I realized a very important thing during that whole conversation. I'm perfectly OK with being perceived as the crazy lady who wants to stay on the Crinone a little longer, who wants to come to the office every two weeks instead of every month, who argues with the doctor. Perfectly OK!

I'm not a big fan of the New Year's hullabaloo myself but I do like the idea of setting your intentions for the year. At this point I only have three intentions for 2014: 1) have a healthy baby 2) get that damn social work license already 3) continue to value experiences over things and 4) grow in my marriage and faith.

I wish success, joy, love and WARMTH for you as we enter the New Year!!

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