Friday, January 10, 2014

12 weeks!!! YAY!!

Let's pop some champagne ya'll!!! We made it to 12 weeks by the grace of God!!!

EH and I are anxiously awaiting our 13 week ultrasound early next week and I think I'm actually starting to believe this pregnancy is real. I'm still having my uncomfortable symptoms. Nausea still kicks in for me as soon as the sun goes down. My stomach has shrunk, or something like it, because I can only eat about a fistful of food at a time. This doesn't make me happy because I gets HUNGRY!!! and HANGRY!!
I don't need as many naps during the day but I usually don't leave the bed in the morning till about 11am. I feel really bad about that for some reason....

In other news....It was a balmy 32 degrees in NY yesterday so I ventured out to the local TJ Maxx to pick up some things. I picked up a bathmat for our shower, some hand soap (EH gets very excited about hand soap... is that weird??), a marked down down alternative comforter (something I've been wanting for ages but have been too cheap to buy) and new toothbrushes (I always buy new toothbrushes after we've been sick).

While I was browsing the aisles I came across some cloth napkins that I thought would make great pillow covers. They are standard size ,12 x 12. I loved the gold/mustard color (which of course doesn't come across well in this picture) which goes great with my icky brown couch. I got basic beige contrasting colors to balance it out.

Displaying IMAG0663.jpg 

So last night, while I still had the energy and motivation, I got out my needle and thread and stitched up some pillow covers--all the while wishing I had a sewing machine! Maybe someday soon.

Arrggghh...look at that thigh! Feeling very whalish these days even though I've lost weight...whomp whomp
I lay two napkins on top of each other and stitched up three sides, leaving one side open to stuff in my pillow. Napkins make great pillow covers because they're washable, removable and already hemmed. This is the finished product. I love it!!

I may end up sewing on some buttons along the side to close it up a bit but I'm not in a rush so who knows when I'll get to that.

I'm getting an attack of the queasies so I'm off to stuff my face with a fistful of food.


  1. First - if that sweater has a hood I have the same sweater.

    Second - that pillow is awesome!

    Leaving the bed is overrated. Sooooooooooo overrated

  2. Hahaha! No that sweater doesn't have a hood but it is super warm and comfortable. Every day I love my pillow covers more...I love the price even more. Today I left the bed at 12pm...HUZZAH!!