Friday, February 21, 2014

18 weeks!!

18 Weeks

I underwent some sort of mutant transformation this week, ya'll! I took that pic and then compared it to my 17 week pic and was amazed at the difference. I really haven't been eating all that extra. In fact, I've only gained a pound since my last Ob/Gyn appointment. I'm shaking my head at the wonders of the human body.

I've been watching the scale like a hawk hoping to GAIN weight but so far no dice. This week we had an appointment with the Ob/Gyn and we asked if we should be worried about my lack of weight gain. She said as long as I was healthy, the amount of pounds I put on didn't really matter. That put my mind at ease.

I've been reading these baby books that are telling me I should be gaining 1-2 pounds a week and it just ain't happening for me. I have to keep reminding myself that every woman's body reacts differently in pregnancy and also that I wasn't exactly a toothpick before I got pregnant so minimum weight gain might be best for me in the long run.

Now I'm concerned about where exactly this child will go when she gets bigger! She was only 6 inches and 6 ounces last week and I've barely crossed the mile marker of my pregnancy. I'm not the tallest tree in the forest, ya'll! So far, breathing is a little more difficult, my sinuses are kicking my butt, my ribs hurt when I cough and I'm having some back pain. I'm pretty sure there's no more room to grow upwards so I guess it'll have to be outwards.

In other cool news....I'm feeling some movement! Or at least what I think is movement... It mostly happens at night when I'm laying in bed. I've felt some sharp pains, which could be kicks, and some rolls. I like the rolls better than the kicks. :-)


  1. 18 weeks!!!! I gained 20 lbs total. 10 of which in the first trimester when I had a whopper for breakfast every day. With bacon. And jalapenos. Mmmmmmm . As long as the baby and you feel ok the weight shouldn't matter. Little Mam Whelp will just shove those organs right out of the way. Beat it other organs. LOL.

    Movement is awesome!

  2. You know what my best friend also had the fast food cravings pretty bad when she was pregnant! She was in Mickey D's err'day. I really do love me some bacon though.... last night I felt some sort of uterine tremor and freaked out but turns out it's normal. I'm hoping my little body can make room!