Tuesday, February 25, 2014

19 weeks!! /Spilling the Beans

I changed my top for this picture 'cause I was looking a HOT mess!

I am soooo excited today because I can (sort of) breathe! I've been using these babies Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Extra Clear for Sensitive Skin

everyday for the past few weeks and I haven't relied on them as much in the past few days...at least not during the day. Maybe my nose is officially spreading!!! Oh happy day!!

This past week on EH's birthday (Feb 19th), we trekked over to see David's mom and dad with the good news. We presented them with a cute little card, which I wish I had taken a picture of now, that said something about " a new granddaughter to love" and included one of the whelp's sonogram pictures. The response was epic!! E-PIC!

My mother-in-law screamed "Mi Nieta!! Mi Nieta!!"(which means my granddaughter)  for like 10 minutes straight. The rest of the night was spent plying me with food. Go figure. My father-in-law physically interacted with me for the first time ever. He cut me like 20 pieces of mango after dinner and I dutifully ate every piece..even though I was stuffed to the gills. We had already broke the news to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law so they were in on the surprise.

I'm super thankful that I got such a great, loving, excited reaction from my in-laws because, with the exception of my brother, the reaction from my side of the family was pretty muted. I invited my brother and my father over for dinner to break the news. My brother was super excited and happy for us. My dad's reaction was a bit more solemn. I believe his response was, "That's great! You got what you wanted." My dad has always been a bit subdued but the response was still a little weird to me.

Whomp, Whomp!

I told my mother via email because I didn't want to deal with her in person. I got a phone call from her two days later scolding me for sending the news to her email address because , "I don't check it that often so it's lucky I saw it." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Now, this response I expected so it didn't affect me as much. Unfortunately, my mother has a knack for making anything that isn't about her....about her.

She said congratulations but there wasn't any real excitement or happiness in her voice. She extended an invitation for me to contact her in a week, when she's off work, or so if I wanted to meet up with her and chat. I probably won't be doing that because I could tell she didn't really mean it. Anyway, I can't imagine what parenting advice she could possibly give me. EH and I have decided that we're going to leave any further contact/involvement up to her.

In the meantime, I'm getting ready to tell my gargantuan extended family and our friends about the baby. I'm doing it via facebook/email because I can't see myself calling everyone individually. I searched all over Etsy to find some options and was surprised that there were a bunch of announcements to say the baby was born...but not much to say, "I'm pregnant."

Option #1

Source: LCODesignandPaperie

Option #2:

Source: EverburgPhotography

I'm leaning towards option #1....but I like that we would be able to include an ultrasound photo in Option #2. I think EH is gonna be the tie-breaker here.


  1. Both of the announcements are nice!

    That's awesome about the family reactions on his side and at least you weren't surprised about the other side, it's sad that they'll miss out on Whelpalina.

    Also - your baby is sticking out :-)

  2. LMAO...I really love Whelpalina by the way!!! I've decided I'm too happy to care about any shade from my side of the family.

  3. Have I been away that long??? Look at that belly!!! I love the announcements. Both are cute.

  4. Yes Ma'am! Getting bigger everyday!! I'm leaning more and more toward the first one.