Tuesday, May 20, 2014

31 Weeks/ Sleep, Where Art Thou??

31 weeks!! 6 weeks till D-day!!

I've had a rough couple of days sleep wise. It's like I hit 30 weeks and my body said...no more good sleep for you!! Just like the soup Nazi on that famous episode of Seinfeld. Last week, it was super difficult getting comfortable in the bed, my post nasal drip was acting up again, after a short reprieve, and EH's snoring was annoying me. Sleep was fleeting but I put on my nose strip, banished the hubby to the living room, propped myself up with the snoogle and was able to get a few winks in.

On Sunday night my mind was racing; thoughts going a mile a minute. I'm a serious list maker so usually I can just do a brain dump of things using the list app on my phone just so it's not rattling around in my head. This was also NOT the best night to not get sleep! Remember that social work licensing exam I've been talking about forever?? Well, Monday was test day. You can imagine how stressed I was looking at the clock and knowing that in a few hours I would have to take one of the biggest exams of my, dormant, career. I rested and rested and rested but actual, physical sleep...NEVER CAME!!! Meanwhile, Ms. W was having the time of her life...kicking and punching and moving her head all around my hoo hah. At least one of us had a good night.

I very groggily got myself up the next morning took the exam and PASSED!!! I do have to give all the credit to God because at around question 100 of the 170 question exam...I was ready to cry out of sheer exhaustion. Several times I caught myself doing the drowzy droop and had to snap back to attention. By question 130, I was shaking my head and saying 'I don't know' in my head as I made my guesses to some of the questions. My only motivation at this point was just to finish so that I could go home and sleep. I got my score report and did a little internal happy dance that I had checked this important life goal off my list, called EH to let him know how it went and then hightailed it out of the city.

I arrived home, dropped everything and laid down on the couch for some serious shut eye...only to be thwarted once again. No sleep for you!! I didn't sweat it though because at least I knew I would be able to sleep that night, right???!! Wrong!!!

I went to bed early around 10:30pm hoping to have a marathon of sleep before our Peri appointment this morning. I read a little, put on my nose strip, banished the hubby, fired up the sound machine and waited for sweet relief, which did not come. So, at around 3am I had a full on meltdown, complete with ugly cry. I was so frustrated that all I could do was bawl for like 10 minutes straight. It was by far the craziest moment of my pregnancy. EH came rushing in to see what happened and all I could babble between my sobs was, "I'M SOOOOOOO TIRED. I CAN'T SL-SLEEP!" Over and over again.
My poor hubby didn't know what to do and after I calmed down a bit I asked him to make me some hot milk...on the off chance that it would work. Miracles of miracles, it WORKED!! I was able to get a couple of hours in before our appt this morning, where I was rewarded with a new pic of Ms. W!

"Oh, you can't sleep!?...sucks for you...
I know that I was just in the midst of a perfect storm of hormones and general anxiety. Getting ready to take that big exam, W's increased activity, worrying about the upcoming 2nd baby shower (this weekend!) and all the things still left to do before W gets here was just too much for my poor brain and body to handle. I'm determined that this will not happen again! I'm armed with chamomile tea to combine with my hot milk tonight in hopes of duplicating my previous success. Even if I just get two hours of shut eye out of it, it'll be worth it. I might even let EH back in the bedroom!

Wish me luck!!

P.S. Have you seen this commercial for Planters "cocoa" peanuts!?? It's like my favorite commercial on TV right now. Every time I see it I think of EH! LMAO!! The things these guys put up with from us....SMH

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