Friday, May 9, 2014

29 weeks/Picking the Pediatrician/Making Art

29 weeks! Pajama chic...
EH and I had a total win this week! I've been stressing out about finding a pediatrician for W for a while now. We definitely didn't want to go with a doctor in the Bronx and we didn't want to trek to Manhattan for what could be a bunch of appointments when W gets here. I also wasn't too keen on driving long distances with W so soon.

I discovered that the cool mall we visit from time to time in Westchester also has a pediatrician's office so we decided to check it out yesterday. We sat with the doctor and she answered all of our questions and put us at ease. I never knew I could feel so happy and excited about deciding on a, how times have changed! The absolute best part is that the office is only 8 minutes away by car. Score!!


This week, I also had an interesting conversation with a mutual friend of ours. She and her husband are a few years older than us and she confided in me that they were trying for a baby. A while ago I put up a few Facebook posts on infertility, basically outing myself about our struggle to conceive. She saw the articles and thanked me for sharing what we were going through because she and her husband were now fully in the infertility process. That she felt comfortable enough to confide in me was reward enough. She said it was nice to hear from someone who had been through it and come out the other side.

I was grateful for her words but I also felt the need to tell her that I hadn't come out the other side....not really. In my mind I'm not really out of the woods yet. I can't say that I'll feel totally comfortable until I'm holding W in my arms. I haven't shared about our miscarriages with her, which I think is the driving force behind why I still don't identify as someone whose "come out the other side." The fact that I will need some kind of assistance going forward if we choose to have another child also makes me feel like I'm still a part of the IF tribe. I realized that I didn't want to have that status taken away from me or diminished. Yeah, it was hell going through it but I wear our struggle like a badge of honor now. The process changed me so completely. I'm better and stronger for it.


We had an appointment with our OB/GYN recently and she let us know that we may have to deliver earlier than we thought. Apparently, there is some concern about whether my uterine scar from the myomectomy will hold as the baby gets bigger. To be on the safe side, they're thinking of getting W out at 37 weeks! Folks, that's like 8 weeks away!! Cue the nesting thoughts in my brain running around and knocking into each other. We'll have to undergo an amniocentesis to check W's lungs and make sure she's actually ready to come out at that time. I'm not too thrilled about this but the doctor assures us that an amnio at 37 weeks is very different from an amnio at 6 weeks. I'm really putting my faith to work for this one. Then she tells us that she might not be the one delivering our baby. I was totally surprised by this one. In my extreme naivete I thought that since we were having a planned c-section, our doctor would just be available on that day to deliver us! At our next appointment we're going to meet this other doctor that we've never met before who might be delivering our 8 WEEKS!

I've made some progress on my "before the baby comes" list! I took a trip to Michaels and picked up some materials to make a paper garland for W's nook and some wooden letters to hang her initials. I also got some paint and canvases to finally paint that living room art I've been talking about forever.

I really dig abstract expressionist art. I like its simplicity and its ease of duplication! This time around my art was inspired by Mark Rothko:

Number 12, Mark Rothko 1951
and a piece of art I saw online on Pinterest:

2nd canvas for above couch--blue, beige, gold, orange
Here's the end result:

I love them!! I went with my official color scheme of gold, blue and white. I started by outlining the shapes lightly with a pencil and then I filled them in with the color of my choice. The whole thing took about an hour and a half but that was only because I took a break to eat. Unfortunately, It's made me want to repaint the walls to a warm beige so that they won't look so out of place. Right now they have two black frames flanking them that I'll probably spray paint white in a few days. I really want to repaint the living room but that might be pushing my nesting instinct, and EH, a little too far. Ever do a home improvement project and realize that everything else around it looks wack??

My next step is to try to get some cheapo white frames to hang some artwork for W's nook. The area is seriously looking empty! Our co-sleeper has arrived and is at my mother's house so we won't be setting that up until after the family shower in June. I'd also love to get some kind of wall art/mirror for above our bed. I found these cute coastal printables on Etsy.

Printable Beach Decor, Bathroom Instant Download,  Coastal Decor, Beach Wall Art, Seashell Starfish Modern Beach
I love printables because they provide instant gratification! Print, frame, hang! These come as an electronic file set of 3 8 x 10s and cost $8.95. You can't beat that...I'm still debating. I may just end up flanking our bed with black and white photos of us from our wedding, which would be free except for the purchase of some nice frames.

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  1. Eight weeks! That's no time! That's half a season of Scandal! W is getting so big and even awesomer and awesomer. I love your art. I wish I had that ability. And congrats on the doctor and the quick jaunt! That's awesome.