Friday, June 20, 2014

35 weeks/Lists, Lists and more Lists!

35 weeks; 1 week and change till D-day!

I'm swimming in lists, ya'll! I'm in nesting mode hard but I feel like I'm in quicksand...having all these lists and not really making a dent in them. Most of this comes from just sheer exhaustion....what happened to this burst of nesting energy that's supposed to happen?? I can only do at most two things on my lists a day...and I have at least four lists! I've basically got this weekend and all of next week to get my mess together.

I realize that I've got some neurosis going on here. Most of the things I want to do have nothing to do with the baby. They are purely things that will make me feel better. I know she won't care if the nook is perfect, or if we have plants in the house, or a clean fridge but I can't help myself. I want to be as laid back as possible when I come back from the hospital and the only way to ensure that is to get everything done before I leave.

So far I've got a Hospital Packing List, Things Still Needed for the Baby List and a Getting the Apt Ready List. We're making a trip to Carter's, Target and Babies R Us tomorrow to get some last minute baby things, which were on our registry but were ignored by baby shower guests. This is pretty irritating to me. I ordered some of the things on Amazon, which helps with some of the running around. I didn't get the baby hamper I wanted and I have to keep telling myself that it doesn't matter what we put her dirty clothes in!

Speaking of D-day...we finally have one! July 3rd is the BIG DAY! We're having our amnio on July 1st and then two days later we're going to finally meet our daughter, God willing. We've got the bassinet up but no sheets, we've got lots of clothes but haven't washed them. So, everything is half done and I'm going to have to rely on EH more than I thought I would to get it all done. EH is so laid back that I fear he won't take all of this as seriously as I am. Maybe that's a good thing.

I'm basically crazy and exhausted.


  1. Crazy and exhausted is the best! Come on July 3rd! I'm off that day so I can stop by.... LOL

    Woooo hooooo!!!! One of you two have to be not crazy and so far it's looking like EH. That can all change when Whelpalina makes her grand entrance. Wooooo hooooo!

  2. You're almost there! July 3 will be here in no time.
    Haha! Getting the house ready for baby usually turns into a mini house redo. it's very hard for it not to.

  3. Bek, EH is already showing signs of not being the sane one...he had a mini meltdown while putting together the baby seat last was hilarious!

    Miranda, I'm happy I don't live in a house because just getting this one bedroom apt together has been nuts!