Thursday, June 26, 2014

36 weeks/The Home Stretch!

36 weeks!! 1 week till D-day!
Folks! We've reached the home stretch and we are soooooooo excited. Last night EH and I made some more progress on Ms. W's nook but we still have a ways to go. First, an update on the nook..

This was our inspiration..

We've got a few of the things in the pic but I had to trade my laundry basket for a cheap 99c store version because I just don't know how I'm gonna get to the city in my condition...I'm just too tired for all that. We'll probably replace the one we have down the line. We have yet to hang the maternity pics and the child of God poster but those are easy fixes. The polka dot wall is scheduled for this weekend..FINALLY!

Here's where we are now...(remind me to stop taking pictures in the evening! It looks sadder than it really is) The polka dots are all cut out and I even put a large dot and a small dot on the wall to see how I like the sizes...I think we're going with the smaller dots so that it makes more of an impact on the wall. I'm thinking of changing out the art on the wall for some new art I recently made for the living room. The initial letters have been painted and need to be hung. The co-sleeper is up! and my bootleg laundry hamper is present.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the room, the changing area is complete. I added a little convenient basket that holds diapers, coconut oil, diaper cream and wipes. All the clothes in her little drawers have been washed and folded and we have extra diapers people....we're totally on the ball!
I bought a night light for my side of the bed to help with nighttime breastfeeding but EH says it's not bright enough so we'll see how that turns out.

This weekend is our big trip to IKEA and Target to pick up all those last minute house and personal things that we still need. My suitcase for the hospital is almost completely packed, with the exception of some small snacks, a robe and some slippers.

Remaining TO DO's
[ ] Get below 40 watt bulb for changing table. The one we have now is way too bright for 3am changings and feedings. Home Depot

[ ] Extension cords. Home Depot
[ ] Artificial plants for living room window. I saw some really cute artificial plants at Ikea for like $3. I love plants but my black thumb is no joke. I've avoided artificial plants in the past but I know I'll be paying even less attention to real plants when W comes along and our view of a brick wall needs some serious help. Also, I don't want Josh's curiosity to ,literally, kill him. A lot of house plants are toxic to kitties.

[ ] Aloe Vera plants for windowsills in bedroom. I do want at least some real plants in the house so I'm gonna start with a couple of small aloe vera plants..also at Ikea. The window needs to be prettied up since we face out onto the garbage area in our building. living...

Summer curtains for bedroom. Because it's time!! I've already put up my summer curtains in the living room. I'm probably gonna pair these with some mini blinds because EH hates too much light in the morning.

[ ] Carpet runner 3 x  ? for entryway. Our entryway is pretty long so the longer the length the better. I'm only sure that I need the width to be 3'.  I'm really excited about going back to the carpet outlet for this one. We scored so incredibly with our living room rug that we can't not go back and see if lightning strikes twice. 

[X] Clock for bedroom wall. I've been wanting this one for a long time. The only "clocks" in our bedroom right now are our cell phones. It'll be nice to see how insanely late it is without blinding myself with the phone light when I wake up for feedings and changings. Also, I love the soothing sound of a ticking clock.

[X] Gold/white spray paint for frames. This one is overdue. I may do this tomorrow just to get it over with. I've wanted to update my dark frames in the living room and now is the perfect time to do it.
[X] Blue/gold/cream throw for poang chair. The green throw that's currently on Poang doesn't go with my color scheme at all. This is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix and requires a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods, which is always nice.

[ ] Rugs for bedroom. I'd love to get two matching, washable, his/her throw rugs for our bedroom. This also requires a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods/IKEA. Yay!

[ ] New garbage cans for kitchen. Our current ones don't have covers. 99c store

[X] Clean the refrigerator.This is embarrassing but I've only cleaned my fridge once since we moved in. I know that folks will be bringing food by after W's arrival and I need the fridge to look somewhat presentable.

[X] Make canvas art for the living room. Also long overdue and requires a trip to Michaels for some paint and canvases. 

[ ] Get 8 x 10 frames for wedding pictures that will hang in bedroom. IKEA

[ ] Get mirror to hang above bed in bedroom. IKEA

[ ] Get and install new toilet seat. Home Depot

[ ] Get coat rack for entryway. IKEA

[ ] Get 16 x 20 frame for maternity picture collage. Michaels

[ ] Get 13 gallon bags for diaper pail. 99c store

I'm excited because after this weekend, we should be able to totally relax and enjoy our last few days of being a twosome!


  1. You're soooooooooo close! Breathe! Babies totally only need onsies, diapers and boobs.

    Enjoy your twosome time. Jeez this went fast. LOL

  2. I'm amazed at how fast it all went....just amazed! I'm looking forward to just chillin' tonight with no decor issues on the brain!