Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Research for a Better Life

So, I spent most of the morning doing research about what the Bronx has to offer. To my dismay, It wasn't much. Ha! El Hubster and I have lived in the Bronx going on six years now. We've done all the touristy stuff; been to Arthur Ave, been to the Bronx Zoo, been to a few different places here but none of them feel like they have too much to offer. My one joy is a wonderful park nearby where I run from time to time. My little oasis in the concrete jungle.

El Hubster and I are kinda tired of traveling to Manhattan for fun, culture, FOOD. When we hit 30, we all of a sudden became serious homebodies. Our new motto: if we have to work too hard to get there, we're not going! We're lucky if we go out once a month these days. I definitely don't want to raise our children in a fish bowl so I set out to see if there were any stay at home wife/mom groups to be found. I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised to see a few that were interesting and diverse and that they EXISTED at all.

Diversity is a big deal for us. We're diverse as individuals in our own right and we love to surround ourselves with diverse people. Since we'll be raising multi-culti children, I was happy to see that a range of nationalities can be found right in my own borough. My only concern is that my personality has never been that of "a joiner" so I don't know how this will ultimately pan out. I find that the more I move toward motherhood, the more independent and rebellious I'm becoming. I'm convinced it's the last shred of my wandering, gypsy psyche hanging on by its fingernails. I'm feeling a push and pull that's hard to explain.
Being a stay-at-home wife provides so much time for reflection; a little too much if you ask me. I'm so used to doing a billion things at once that I simply don't know how to enjoy this precious time alone. Everyday I struggle not to stay in bed, to get outside, to write! I need more to look forward to, more to fill my precious time. I can only redecorate my apartment but so many times and when I get a new decor idea I'm discouraged because I know we'll only be here until August. I want to save my energy for the home we'll be in for a while.

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