Monday, March 18, 2013

Shelving the Plan..

Last week was very up and down for me....I thought we were starting Clomid and FINALLY getting this show on the road only to get a call from my RE telling me that I had a cyst and shouldn't take the Clomid until it resolves. So after taking one dose, I had to shelve the whole plan and have to wait until next month. My head is saying, "So....what if another cyst develops next month?? Am I ever gonna be able to start this thing?"

I decided that I would put the Clomid away and go back to my tried and true Vitex to ovulate. I have had a pregnancy using it in the past, though it didn't end well. I figured what could it hurt?... if I don't ovulate I'm on the Clomid next month anyway. If I do ovulate...yay for me!! I'm gonna take it for seven days and hope for the best. 

In the meantime, I've been focusing on studying for my social work licensing exam....I gotta tell you I love learning and hate studying so I'm approaching this studying time as "enrichment." I figure If I give it a new name it'll be more palatable. And anyway, it's something to do while I wait for my baby!

I'm also doing a lot of home improvement projects around the apartment. Including finally revamping our old, faithful bookcase. El Hubster and I both love reading and over time our bookcase has become a mess with both professional and personal books, books we read in college, self-improvement books, etc. You name it...we still had it. This was my inspiration:

I started by removing all of our books, and other crap that seems to congregate there despite my best efforts, and the shelves.

I gathered all my materials: leftover paint, painter's tape, a brush, a drop cloth and a ladder...because I'm vertically challenged and this bookcase is way taller than me. Next, I taped off the areas I didn't want to get paint on...

Then I rolled up my sleeves and got to work painting the inner and outer sides and top and bottom of the case. It took about an hour to paint everything...

El Hubster came home from work around this time and promptly stated, "I ain't painting Nothin' tonight!"
I have a tendency to take on home improvement projects at the most inopportune times and this drives El Hubster crazy. But he did bring me this!

Patty and Coco Bread!!!

I left the bookcase alone for a minute and got back to it this past weekend. I remembered a nice roll of gift wrapping paper I'd purchased with the bookcase in mind and decided that I would wallpaper the back of the bookcase instead of painting it. I'm your typical mercurial Gemini that needs to be able to change things at a moment's notice so I knew paper was better than paint in this case. I stuck it on with some double sided mounting tape.

I flubbed a little on the bottom of the paper but I knew our printer would eventually cover that area so...whatever. The paper is white and green with some texture to it and added a little fun to the bookcase so why not? I even got El Hubster to paint the shelves....under threat of withholding...Ha!

Noticed yesterday that I forgot to paint the bottom of the case so I'll probably tackle that today. Starting to come together...The shelves were painted front and back and took not even 30 minutes to dry.

Finally it all came together! I love how painting this bookcase has actually brightened up our living room...anything to dispel the gloom is just so worth it.

My next project will be to paint our dining table....It's this set from Ikea...pretty basic and super blah..

I'm probably going to faux dip the chair legs using Washi tape a la

Have you heard of Washi tape!? That thing is many different variations, so easily changeable.
Not sure what color yet maybe white to match the table..which I'll be doing this to...

We only have four chairs so it won't be this involved...I'm wondering if I really want to spend the time spray painting the chairs....because I'm lazy...we'll see. I'm definitely doing the table though. I'm not sure if I want to leave the table top natural or stain it a darker color but I will definitely be painting the table legs. I really love Scandinavian design, which is very light and airy and open so I'm cautious about introducing too many dark colors. Hopefully, our next place will actually have light coming through the windows.

I'm off to pee on a stick to see if I'm ovulating or about to be...ugh

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