Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why It's Fun to Watch the Bachelorette with Your Husband

Last week, El Hubster and I sat down to have what I thought was gonna be a fairly boring night. All of our good shows are on hiatus so we've been pretty bored. I flipped through the channels for a while and then finally settled on watching the Bachelorette....I know, I know...why? I have very mixed feelings about this show. 

1. There has never been a Black or Latino Bachelor or Bachelorette despite the fact that, well...we exist in the world, are successful and want to find love (or fleeting fame) too.

2. Whenever there's a Black or Latino dating candidate they get eliminated in short order...but definitely NOT on the first night because who wants to be accused of being racist. Eventually they get around to it.

3. The sheer desperation of these dating candidates is astounding and hilarious. They will do/say ANYTHING to get that rose!

4. I think it minimizes/trivializes the very real problem of not being able to find a good man/woman to settle down with...but maybe that's the point. To take a very real fear, exaggerate it and render it innocuous.We live in such an antisocial social networking society (me included) that it's difficult to find love offline like folks used to do.

But all of my qualms about this show were set aside temporarily due to El Hubster's hilarious commentary while watching this show. I mean seriously, I should tape him and put it up as a post but unfortunately you can take the boy out of Washington Heights but you can't take Washington Heights out of the boy so I'm afraid that tape would be rated NC-17.

Anywho, here are some choice cuts I gathered while we watched the premiere episode:

"Is that her?  For real?"

"Look at that dude, tell me that dude ain't lame!"

"Why she wearing that dress? That's the wrong dress. She gon' fall and bust her ass."

"Awww..this dude is already asking to sleep with this chick...what a dirty ass *****"

"Look at that dude, he tried to dip her and she fell over the dress. That's a burger move. He out!"

"Oh, here come the Black dude....he gon' be out soon."

"This dude done brought his kid to meet this chick...that's a low blow."

"Look at this Army dude...she ain't gon pick you in the end. That dude is owned by the U S of A for the next few years. They gon get together and that dude gon get shipped to Libya."

"Oh look, she finally put that nasty dude out...shoulda done that from jump."

"Don't that dude look strange to you? His eyes are too close together. That facial hair ain't working fo ya pawtna."

While watching the recap for the upcoming season....

"Why they crying so much? That's not normal. Ain't no real man be crying all the time like that."

"I wonder what episode they kick off the Black guy."

"They really crying over THIS chick?? She ain't even all that! She ain't even got no ASS!"

"So, she be kissing ALL these dudes....that's nasty.."

P.S. Coming up this week a fun post about how much debt we're in!!

P.P.S. Are you SEEING all these tornadoes in OK!!?? Crazy


  1. This was hilarious!!!

    And he's right "ain't no real man be crying all the time like that". Crying all the time like a 14 year old girl is really suspect. Really

  2. It was so much fun watching it with him. It definitely supported my perspective on how ridiculous these reality shows are. You never know what interesting things men are going to say!