Tuesday, April 8, 2014

25 Weeks/Silent Nights

I'm getting bigger and Whelpalina is moving now...well moving so that I can actually see it!!

I'm having ultrasound withdrawal! I feel like I haven't seen Whelpalina in FOREVER!!

Anywho, things have been going pretty well. I haven't been as tired and haven't needed to take an afternoon nap this whole week. This is a big deal. I love having more energy.

EH and I are still dealing with the dresser/changing table. I really thought I would have an after picture to show by now but my really laid-back husband has totally become "Mr. Type A" overnight! He literally had a meltdown because the sides of the dresser don't look exactly like the top of the dresser. The stain looks pretty drippy on the sides but it's nothing you can see unless you're really looking for it. This is unacceptable to him so he's planning to redo it this weekend. Sigh. On the one hand I'm really annoyed that I haven't been able to put any clothes in my brand new dresser and that my bedroom is messy and, on the other hand, I'm really touched that he wants Whelpalina's changing table to be absolutely perfect.


Plans for my first baby shower are coming along splendidly! EH and I toured the space we'll be using at the YMCA and it's more than adequate for our purposes I think. We're booking the date for May 24th this Sunday and I am soooo excited to get this part out of the way. I met with my best friend and we talked briefly about the shower so I'm hoping everything goes well. I'm going to try and refrain from bothering her too much about it.


EH and I are meeting up with my mother this week so we need prayers! I feel pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. I have to keep reminding myself that this meeting is probably a good thing but being in her presence isn't exactly comforting because there's just so much bad history there. I went to TJ Maxx today to see if I could find an outfit for the occasion. I tried on , like, four things...evaluating each one on whether or not they made me look "happy" or "well-cared for" or "confident." Ugh....the neurosis was just terrible!!  I hope I never make Whelpalina feel the way I do. I settled on a really pretty, flowy maxi dress. If I had my way, I would wear a maxi dress for every occasion. Maxi dresses are my friends. I also bought two scented candles. Winning!


I'm kind of obsessed with decorating our apartment right now, though I haven't really bought anything new. This is definitely "nesting syndrome" with a dash of "yay, the weather is finally getting nice." I suddenly must have new curtains for the bedroom and living room and a new living room rug and a clock for the bedroom and that darn Ikea Poang chair. I really want to paint something new for the living room wall so I'll probably pick up some canvases and paint in the next few weeks. I recently picked up one of those white noise sound machines and I cannot tell you how it has changed my life. I have always been a light sleeper, probably a throwback to my childhood again. I can be awakened at night by my cat walking around the living room...it's that bad.

EH snores like a backhoe or some sort of sea monster or Godzilla and we have been trying any and everything to get the snoring under control before the baby comes. We tried breathe right strips....didn't work. We tried elevating him on pillows....didn't work. I got him a mouth guard from the drugstore which worked better than anything else we've tried but didn't stop it. I know that ultimately EH may have to lose about 10 pounds to really take care of the problem but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon so compromises must be made.

Needless to say, I was about at my wits end with the snoring and I've gotten too big to sleep on the couch. We got the Marpac Dohm Sound Machine from Amazon.com. I gotta say I was pretty skeptical because I'd read reviews that said it didn't exactly help in snoring situations but ,since I was going to get one for the baby anyway, I figured I would still use it even if it didn't help with the snoring. The first night wasn't the greatest. I had the frequency up too high, I think. After messing with it a bit I finally got the perfect tone that all but eliminates my need for earplugs. In fact, I've gone earplug free for the past two days!! I am so happy!! I mean I still hear the snoring here and there but it's muted enough by the white noise that I'm sleeping better than I have in a while. I am now confident that both I and Whelpalina will be able to sleep well in the near future and EH can sleep undisturbed at night without me kicking him in the back.


  1. Woooo hooooo for sleeping! Jethro is a LOUD SNORER as well "backhoe or some sort of sea monster or Godzilla" sums it up pretty well. LOUD SNORER! I don't hear it anymore. When Ladybug was a little baby if you made the snoring noise she'd close her eyes.

    I love that you're both nesting. And that you recognize the nesting in him, you're good at it!

    I hope it all goes well with you mom. If nothing else your childhood prepared you to be the best mother ever to Whelpalina

  2. I'm definitely trying to hold on to the fact that I'm more than prepared to be a little better off than my mother. Not being 17 years old and having my first child helps a lot! I'm learning to have more sympathy for the situation she was in. I can't believe you don't hear Jethro's snoring anymore! EH's snoring hasn't historically been an issue. Recently he put on about 10 lbs and it's been downhill from there.Ladybug knows what's up when it comes to daddy's snoring!

  3. That's so sweet that the hubby wants to make everything perfect for baby Whelpalina. You both sound like you definitely have the nesting thing going on. Maxi dresses are wonderful. I completely agree!
    Kicking him in the back...love it! lol. I'm glad you're finally getting some sleep.

  4. Thanks Miranda....although I'm going to miss kicking him in the back from time to time..HAHA!!