Tuesday, April 22, 2014

27 weeks/Ikea!!

Hope EVERYONE had a wonderful EASTER!! Our church put on an Easter play extravaganza that was insanely awesome, with several dance routines, contemporary music and our praise and worship team and band, so it was a great day for us. Afterward we checked out a restaurant in the Bx we hadn't been to before and had a great brunch. Then we took a trip to an outlet for ABC Carpet & Home. It's a seriously expensive home store here in NY that I would never shop in but I knew they had an outlet in the Bx and wanted to see if I could score a good deal on a new carpet for the living room. We hightailed it to the remnant section of the store and got a 4' by 7' rug for $20!! My head is still spinning and we practically ran out of there before they changed their minds. I'll show a pic further down.

EH and I took a little trip to probably one of my favorite places in the world this past weekend.......IKEA!!!  ::throws confetti::

Ikea is just such a dangerous place....for me anyway. Every time I go I have to have a specific list of things I want to get, otherwise it can be a disaster of the gimmie-gimmies. On this trip we resolved to finally get our Poang chair and a bookcase to hold W's clothing and books. My nesting instinct was seriously on high beam in this place. Several times I imagined myself skipping through the store.

We rolled around the store for about an hour and a half...I really wanted to stay longer but EH was getting antsy. Poang came home with us in a dark brown finish. It's resting on our new, darker, $20 rug.

I knew that we would eventually have to get a darker rug. Our previous beige one didn't hide dirt or stains very well. We may go back to the outlet and upgrade to a larger rug at some point in the future but right now it suits us fine. Maybe I'll throw a more colorful throw rug under the ottoman just to add some extra color.

Poang has not disappointed us. We've lived with it in the living room for a few days now and it's extremely comfortable. I've fallen asleep in it at least once. I'm excited to add a different throw to it just to keep the natural padding clean for as long as I can and it needs a thick pillow or two for more back support. I will say it was lower to the ground than I thought it would be but I've gotten used to it. It's nice to have somewhere else to sit in the living room. EH has decided he wants one for himself so we might get another in the future. I also picked up some new pillow covers at Ikea...

I think we have every baby book ever published sitting on that end table...
they're gold and pale blue and I love 'em. I never quite got around to closing up my DIY pillow covers and they were $10 each.

We also came home with this Borgsjo bookcase:

I really thought we would get the popular Billy bookcase but it was super tall in person and wouldn't really fit in in our bedroom. This guy was the right height and the right price. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all assembled.


I'm in the process of getting our entire apartment ready for the influx of visitors we'll be having when W gets here. I don't need everything to be perfect, especially since we might be moving to a new apartment before she even gets here, but I do need things to be a bit more pulled together for my peace of mind. I know there are going to be dirty dishes in the sink and unwashed laundry for us for a while but I at least want some nice comforting things to look at while I'm sleep deprived. So, here's my getting the apartment ready list!

[ ] Get below 40 watt bulb for changing table. The one we have now is way too bright for 3am changings and feedings

[ ] Artificial plants for living room window. I saw some really cute artificial plants at Ikea for like $3. I love plants but my black thumb is no joke. I've avoided artificial plants in the past but I know I'll be paying even less attention to real plants when W comes along and our view of a brick wall needs some serious help. Also, I don't want Josh's curiosity to ,literally, kill him. A lot of house plants are toxic to kitties.

[ ] Aloe Vera plants for windowsills in bedroom. I do want at least some real plants in the house so I'm gonna start with a couple of small aloe vera plants..also at Ikea. The window needs to be prettied up since we face out onto the garbage area in our building. Aahhhhh...nyc living...

[ ] Summer curtains for bedroom. Because it's time!! I've already put up my summer curtains in the living room. I'm probably gonna pair these with some mini blinds because EH hates too much light in the morning.

[ ] Carpet runner 3 x  ? for entryway. Our entryway is pretty long so the longer the length the better. I'm only sure that I need the width to be 3'.  I'm really excited about going back to the carpet outlet for this one. We scored so incredibly with our living room rug that we can't not go back and see if lightning strikes twice. 

[ ] Clock for bedroom wall. I've been wanting this one for a long time. The only "clocks" in our bedroom right now are our cell phones. It'll be nice to see how insanely late it is without blinding myself with the phone light when I wake up for feedings and changings. Also, I love the soothing sound of a ticking clock.

[ ] Gold/white spray paint for frames. This one is overdue. I may do this tomorrow just to get it over with. I've wanted to update my dark frames in the living room and now is the perfect time to do it.

[ ] Make hanging paper garland for W's nook. I've been racking my brain to find a way to add a little more sweetness to W's nook. It's looking pretty bare in there right now. I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest with paint chips but I'm not sure I wanna hoard paint chips at the store. Instead I'll go to Michaels and get some colored scrapbook paper and make my garland with that. 
[ ] Blue/gold/cream throw for poang chair. The green throw that's currently on Poang doesn't go with my color scheme at all. This is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix and requires a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods, which is always nice.

[ ] Rugs for bedroom. I'd love to get two matching, washable, his/her throw rugs for our bedroom. This also requires a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods. Yay!

[ ] New garbage can for kitchen. Our current one doesn't even have a cover and, while it doesn't smell, it's not visually appealing. 

[ ] Clean the refrigerator.This is embarrassing but I've only cleaned my fridge once since we moved in. I know that folks will be bringing food by after W's arrival and I need the fridge to look somewhat presentable.

[ ] Make canvas art for the living room. Also long overdue and requires a trip to Michaels for some paint and canvases. 

Well, that's the list so far! Really hoping I can get 'er done before this little one comes along...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! We got a 3D ultrasound today at our Peri appointment. Joy is not the word for what I'm feeling. No word exists. I finally know what this little squirming thing inside me looks like....and it's just crazy...

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