Tuesday, April 29, 2014

28 weeks!!

28 weeks! I'm wearing the dress I'm going to wear for my 2nd Baby Shower

We're so grateful to have made it this far!! It seems like time is speeding up exponentially now and we can't wait :-)

                    ::balloons and confetti and sparklers::

We started off the week putting together W's bookcase/closet. EH was surprised that it wasn't as big of a chore as he thought it would be. I added some baby animal gift wrap paper to the back of the closet part and hung up her clothes. The bookcase is just a little bit taller than me so I don't think I'm going to have much trouble hanging and reaching things I might need. I think I may add one more shelf on the bottom and then add some baskets on the bottom.

On Friday night we went over to see my in-laws for my first baby shower! You'll recall that we originally went from NO baby shower to maybe TWO baby showers and now to THREE baby showers. Anywho, this was the baby shower just for EH's family and we had a great time. My sis-in-law went all out with the decorations. We had a truly delicious cake, yummy food and some very cute clothes for W. The best part was seeing how happy EH's family was to celebrate this new addition. My sis-in-law insisted I take a picture with each family member so that W could have a memory of everyone to look back on.

My throne! That Coors Light is not mine! LOL
We both got to wear these cool rattle necklaces that say "It's A Girl!
The next day I treated EH to a trip to the NY International Auto Show! He was super happy to walk around and check out the cars...all the while regaling me with his superior car knowledge and excitement! I feel like we're trying to get in all the fun stuff we can before we're house bound with W.

He couldn't be happier!
This is me pretending to drive. My feet couldn't reach the gas or brake pedals...
I'm making some progress with my "Getting the Apt Ready" list. So far I've gotten summer curtains for the bedroom(linen with a hint of gold) and added a clock from Target. I also spray painted some frames white. I like the look against the gray wall way better!

Seeing these curtains up was truly satisfying...

Remaining TO DO's

[ ] Get below 40 watt bulb for changing table. The one we have now is way too bright for 3am changings and feedings

[ ] Artificial plants for living room window. I saw some really cute artificial plants at Ikea for like $3. I love plants but my black thumb is no joke. I've avoided artificial plants in the past but I know I'll be paying even less attention to real plants when W comes along and our view of a brick wall needs some serious help. Also, I don't want Josh's curiosity to ,literally, kill him. A lot of house plants are toxic to kitties.

[ ] Aloe Vera plants for windowsills in bedroom. I do want at least some real plants in the house so I'm gonna start with a couple of small aloe vera plants..also at Ikea. The window needs to be prettied up since we face out onto the garbage area in our building. Aahhhhh...nyc living...

Summer curtains for bedroom. Because it's time!! I've already put up my summer curtains in the living room. I'm probably gonna pair these with some mini blinds because EH hates too much light in the morning.

[ ] Carpet runner 3 x  ? for entryway. Our entryway is pretty long so the longer the length the better. I'm only sure that I need the width to be 3'.  I'm really excited about going back to the carpet outlet for this one. We scored so incredibly with our living room rug that we can't not go back and see if lightning strikes twice. 

[X] Clock for bedroom wall. I've been wanting this one for a long time. The only "clocks" in our bedroom right now are our cell phones. It'll be nice to see how insanely late it is without blinding myself with the phone light when I wake up for feedings and changings. Also, I love the soothing sound of a ticking clock.

[X] Gold/white spray paint for frames. This one is overdue. I may do this tomorrow just to get it over with. I've wanted to update my dark frames in the living room and now is the perfect time to do it.

[ ] Make hanging paper garland for W's nook. I've been racking my brain to find a way to add a little more sweetness to W's nook. It's looking pretty bare in there right now. I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest with paint chips but I'm not sure I wanna hoard paint chips at the store. Instead I'll go to Michaels and get some colored scrapbook paper and make my garland with that. 
[ ] Blue/gold/cream throw for poang chair. The green throw that's currently on Poang doesn't go with my color scheme at all. This is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix and requires a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods, which is always nice.

[ ] Rugs for bedroom. I'd love to get two matching, washable, his/her throw rugs for our bedroom. This also requires a trip to TJ Maxx/Home Goods. Yay!

[ ] New garbage can for kitchen. Our current one doesn't even have a cover and, while it doesn't smell, it's not visually appealing. 

[ ] Clean the refrigerator.This is embarrassing but I've only cleaned my fridge once since we moved in. I know that folks will be bringing food by after W's arrival and I need the fridge to look somewhat presentable.
[ ] Make canvas art for the living room. Also long overdue and requires a trip to Michaels for some paint and canvases.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your first shower! And that you're making progress! And having together time! It looks like you're having a ton of fun. You deserve it.

  2. I love the bookshelf/closet. That is such a creative idea. Looks like you guys are having a great time. EH looks very happy next to that car. lol. The white frames look great.

  3. Thanks Ladies! This nesting thing is Serious Business! :-)