Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do You Know What Today Is?....It's Our Anni-ver-sa-ry

I was 16 years old and crying over some stupid neighborhood boy when Jessie commanded my attention and told me, "One day you will meet the one that is meant for you; and when you do it will be as if God himself stretched out His hand and he came walking out of it."

It was one of the few pieces of motherly advice I'd gotten and she wasn't even my mother but I was grateful for her words and her comfort. I thought about what she said all night that night and many odd nights after that in my 20s. I badly wanted that to be the case but I knew not much about this God she spoke of. I hadn't even met Him yet! How was He supposed to lead me to my husband?

I went to college, fell in and out of puppy love with the wrong guys, stopped perming my hair, got a nose ring and existed. Today, I am celebrating three years of marriage with the one that was meant for me. We've had magnificent ups and terrible downs. And I can say with absolute certainty that it was as if God stretched out His hand and El Hubster came walking out of it.

El Hubster made reservations for us at a fancy schmancy restaurant, called Triomphe, in one of the ritzier hotels in New York. When he told me, the conversation went a little like this.

EH: So, I made a reservation for Saturday at a restaurant for our Anniversary...
Me: Oh, wow! that's great, honey! What kind of place is this?
EH: Nice try. You know I'm not gonna tell you.
Me: Do I have to pluck my face and comb my hair!!??
EH: Yeah, you definitely wanna do that...

Yep, that's how I knew it was really a fancy schmancy place! It was so fancy that I felt weird taking pictures but luckily I found some pics online. It's the place with the orange awning.
We started with these amazing scallops that were buttery and wonderful...I was determined to be classy so I didn't pick up the plate and lick up all the sauce when I was done..even though I really wanted to.

And then we had some delicious lamb chops...
And topped it all off with a good glass of wine and some dessert. It was an awesome night and one that we cherish every year because we don't get to live quite so large in our regular lives.

I gotta say, it was nice to go do something semi-normal to celebrate us.