Monday, July 15, 2013

The Apartment Search Begins...and Ends!

El Hubster and I only officially started the apartment search a week ago only to have the process stopped altogether when we realized there was no way we were gonna be able to come up with the money we needed without digging ourselves deeper into the debt hole.

El Hubster actually dropped this bomb on me when we were in the realty office! He turned to me and was all like, "We should probably rethink this whole thing." Needless to say, I was not pleased. I recall having a conversation with him several  months ago where I repeatedly asked him if we had the funds to make the move and he assured me that all was well and we would be able to do it.

Why do men do that? It must be pride.There's no other explanation. Don't they know that we can handle hearing the truth?

My annoyance at El Hubster eventually cooled down and I was able to see the bigger picture. So now we're resigning our lease for one more year and we might even be able to get a two bedroom when we're ready to get out of here. More than anything I was looking forward to the escapism that distraction provides. I'm physically and mentally unable to sit still most of the time and I was looking to fill myself up with doing. I realized that I was planning this move based on the life we imagined for ourselves with a baby but staying in place one more year may not make much of a difference. Only God knows the outcome.

In an effort to soften the blow, I'm looking at inexpensive ways to spruce up our current place. So far I've changed the knobs on our entertainment center. It came with the basic metal pulls and I changed them to a white knob a la:

We also hung some plants in the window a la:
Right now our living room window faces onto the other side of the building, aka a brick wall, so I hung two pothos plants that will trail down over time and add some greenery.
This is a cute living room set up that I like. Our walls  and sofa are the same colors as this pic. Unfortunately, we don't have nearly the amount of light that's depicted here. My depression can get a little crazy when things are dark so light is very important to me. We replaced a regular bulb with a daylight bulb and my mood has already improved.
We never painted our bedroom so I'm looking forward to tackling that soon. I'm really digging this shade of blue (Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore). It seems peaceful and calming...two things that we definitely need.

Despite all this chaos, I wouldn't trade apartment living for the world. Maybe it's because it's what I'm most used to but I find it freeing to sign a lease for a year and then pack up and have a new experience. El Hubster and I always thought we wanted a house but we're reconsidering that goal. My new love of simplicity is making me reconsider a lot of things that I thought I needed. We need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of owning a piece of the American dream.

Owning a home will require us to move out of state so it's not even on the radar right now. When we do buy, we hope to stay under $100,000 with a small footprint. The idea of cleaning a three bedroom house with dining room and family room scares me! To each its own, I guess. These days my dream home is looking more and more like this...


  1. You know how I feel about the American dream. But, you can totally find something in your price range, probably just not in NYC. And you're right. Having multiple bathrooms seems like the best thing ever until you have to clean said bathrooms.

    I love your dream home. Love it. Except the fact that I'm a chicken and need to lock all the windows and doors.

    I love the colors of the bedroom. So serene.

  2. Arrrghhh...sometimes I wish I could teleport myself to Bali or Tahiti for like a week. I can't wait to paint that bedroom...I'm too excited.

    Hubster and I originally wanted to move to North Carolina but now that they're changing certain things in the legislature, we're reconsidering and thinking about Virginia instead but, alas, dreams of our exodus from NYC are a long way off.

  3. I'm so feeling the dream home. I would love to escape somewhere like that.