Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Trip to the Museum

El Hubster and I took a trip to the museum last week to celebrate the fluke of warm weather we had this past it's freezing again in NYC!

I'm really starting to lament the "not-coming" of Spring. I miss the sun soooo much. I'm an island girl and I never quite got with the NYC climate even though I've been here for most of my life.

El Hubster and I got our lazy butts up and went to the Met...look at the throngs of people on the steps!

We started out with a mustard covered pretzel...I'd never even had one before! El Hubster shook his head at me in dismay.
I totally gobbled up the one he bought for himself and we ended up having to get two.

We saw some really cool art and artifacts like:
 El Hubster to me: "Tell me that's not a Black man!"
I loved this one...finally someone that looks like me!
Egyptian fashion..I would totally buy those gold slippers and the gold finger tips! 
I love a good Monet...his work is so soothing...
Found this large-scale abstract art in the Modern Art section..El Hubster says to me: "You can do that!"
And I was like: "You're right!"

We ended up getting a nice poster from the gift shop and had such a great time. Our visit was cut short...I wanna say we spent two hours in there...because El Hubster was "hungry"....story of our lives....

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