Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clomid Crazies!

I've had CNN on all day today and it is terrifying the kind of world we live in....this is America's new reality. Watching the television you would think the scene was from Israel or Palestine but nope...it's friggin Boston, Massachusetts. I really wish the human race could get itself together. The way that we senselessly kill each other and the way that the media sensationalizes it....SMDH.

I had a dream last night in which I was getting ready to marry Kim Kardashian....yep. In the dream this chick was spending way too much money on the wedding and I had to check her MAD HARD...and then I woke up. My social worker/therapist mind has interpreted this dream as my way of symbolically merging with Kim because she's very visibly pregnant these days...crazy right?

Today I'll be taking the last dose of Clomid...hopefully it will be the end of the crazies for me. I have been so irritated since I've been on the medication. I'm usually pretty impatient normally but I have turned into a MONSTER. I literally am angry as soon as El Hubster gets through the door. Ranting at him about taking care of household chores and getting the taxes done on time and AREN'T you the head of this household!? 

I literally feel like I'm being possessed because once I start spewing I can't stop. It's like every thing about him that ever annoyed me is coming to a head. Needless to say, I will be happy to return to the minimally neurotic, type A, nice girl I used to be. Tomorrow we're headed up to see SuperDoc for my follow up ultrasound...ugh..I hate this process so much but I have to keep telling myself all the discomfort is for a good cause.

In other news....El Hubster and I visited a new church this past Sunday and we are so happy with it. We loved the worship. The sermon was contemporary and relevant and practical (I'm very big on practicality in church because if i can't apply what you're saying to my every day life that's a FAIL). I'm a big crier and literally three minutes into worship I was bawling with relief. I totally felt like I was being cleansed of all the pain I'd been holding on to for so long. So, we'll be going back and probably joining as soon as we're able! This is the first time I've looked forward to going to church in a long time. Count it all Joy!


  1. Crazy hormone lady! It's like PMS times infinity plus eleventy-seven.

    I'm so glad you found a church. I'm big on practicality too. Teach me how to live in this world today.

  2. Yes, Bek! I was off the wall this past week. I would just look at him and be pissed off. Words cannot express how happy we were to find a new Sunday home. We took a huge step in leaving our old church but I'm so glad we did.