Friday, October 18, 2013

Batter Up!

I'm not a big fan of Baseball but I'm a big fan of Robinson Cano! yummers
We drove up to see SuperDoc this morning and we got some good news! Both EH and I had blood work done and I had my ultrasound, which showed no cysts and a good lining! So, ready, set, go.

I've got my Clomid prescription and I start tomorrow. I've already warned EH to look out for me over this next week but I also promised to try to leave the room if I feel like I'm about to lose it. My first experience with Clomid wasn't the greatest. I completely underestimated it because I was feeling fine on the first day but ,as the week went on, I could feel myself about to jump out of my skin with rage and/or cry uncontrollably. And I actually cry when I'm really angry not a pretty sight. Every woman I've talked to that takes this medication co-signs this so I know this isn't just in my head.

I had a chance to talk with SuperDoc about my test results and she and the specialist both agree that the miscarriages are most likely due to genetic abnormalities, which makes me really sad. We've already decided on IVF the next time around if we're not successful this round. Such a scary prospect. According to the specialist's report, and the stupid influence of PCOS, we've got a 25% chance of losing another baby....but that also means we have a 75% chance of a successful I'm stepping out on FAITH!! I've been eating well, got my thyroid under control and been running my ass off so I'm hoping all of this gives me a boost.

They both felt that my numbers weren't high enough to suggest that I had a blood clotting disorder but I still asked if I could take low dose aspirin as a precaution and got the go ahead. We'll also be doing progesterone shots instead of suppositories so that the level can be measured in my blood.

Well, folks, we're covering ALL the bases....and hoping we hit a home run.

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