Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

1. I went to a thrift store this week to see if I could find a large mirror for our dining room and came up empty handed. I likely won't be back because if I don't find something I like the first time I visit a thrift store, I probably won't go back EVER. :-( That's just how I roll. Maybe I'll try going to Manhattan instead. The BX is wack for popping tags.
Photo: This here would be my baby shower cake...HAHAHAHAHAHAH

2. EH and I went to that baby shower last weekend and we did not die and/or burst into flames. We are beyond happy that it wasn't that bad. We enjoyed seeing all our old friends and even though the whole place was FILLED with babies...I was able to keep it together. Afterward we went to the Palisades Mall, aka SuperMall, and saw the new Ron Howard racing movie, which I enjoyed immensely. I'm hoping I can get EH to go get a racing outfit for sexy time...wink. To top it all off, EH agreed to sushi after the movie! I love sushi...I mean I really love it. I could eat it everyday. I tried to get him to have some actual sushi but I was not successful and he ate a chicken terriyaki meal instead. Is there a food that you love and your husband just refuses to eat and it drives you crazy!?

3. Got my latest thyroid tests back and my level is at a 0.99!! Below 1! Which is awesome in terms of fertility. I am still awaiting the results from those 12 vials of blood I donated last month. I'm getting a little miffed at this doctor's office and will probably go with another perinatologist if we do end up needing specialty care. I've called three times this week and only got to speak with the nurse on the third try, who cheerily told me that the results were in but that the doctor didn't review them yet...what the heck is he waiting for??!

4. EH and I are supposed to be going to a marriage workshop at our church tonight and I'm excited about it. It's hard to get EH to do anything with other people. He doesn't like to feel obligated to do anything so getting him to commit to events with other people is like pulling teeth.

Perinatal Bereavement Program-Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

5. I was surfing the internets last week, checking on some blogs I like to follow, and came across a post on an event called Walk to Remember. It's a remembrance walk for parents who have lost babies due to early or late term miscarriage or stillbirth. I really wanted to do something like this to honor our little ones, UPS, FedEx and Little P, but I wasn't sure EH would be into it.

Yes, you read that right we did name our first two angels after those popular delivery companies. EH started it because he thought of our angels as special deliveries and then we took to calling them by the names of the actual companies. Little P is the only angel that actually got a normal name.

Sigh....I miss them and I miss those moments of expectant joy that we had.

I was surprised when he looked over my shoulder and said, "That looks good. We should do that." So, this weekend we're off to our very first Walk to Remember in upstate NY. I'm looking forward to meeting with other couples who we, unfortunately, have something in common with.

6. Now I really want some SUSHI....darn it.



  1. Random posts are my favorite!

    I like Macklemore way more than I should. I BUMP (LOL do people still say that) it whenever it comes on.

    The sprinkles on that cake are killing me.

    Jethro is also anti going places. Men... I tell you.

    That walk seems like the greatest idea ever.

    I'm with EH on sushi. Mentally I just can't do it. Its fish, you're supposed to cook it. You know, with fire.

  2. You are too funny! I think sushi is a mental block for him too; And yes I also BUMP (no one says that anymore. we're old as hell) the Macklemore whenever it comes on. We totally went to the marriage group last night and it was awesome! It even caps off with a RETREAT...eeeek. I love retreats.... EH is the type that hates something completely until he tries it so I just try to ignore his protestations most of the time.

  3. I cannot do the sushi! I've never tried but the thought of eating it I also can barely get the hubs to go anywhere much. He seems to be even more introverted than I am, but sometimes I just need to get out. I love the idea of the walk. It is such a great idea.

  4. There's nothing like an introverted husband when you're an outgoing person!! I've turned into so much more of a hermit since I met my husband. We finally figured out that he had social anxiety disorder some years ago and he went to therapy and he's a lot better now. He's come a long way since then but still prefers to stay home with me instead of going out with a group of people.