Friday, June 7, 2013

Ob/Gyn Inc.

El Hubster and I have graduated from the RE's office and had our first visit at our new Ob/Gyn office last week. It was quite an experience....a very, very long experience. I wanna say we were there for like three and a half hours!!

First of all, El Hubster wasn't feeling the office. He thought it was very 1984....bright lights, LCD tv's with soothing windows in the waiting area. I, on the other hand, loved it! And whether or not I like it is the most important thing, which I promptly told him. We've been so spoiled by the small, homey RE's office that he got his mind blown by such a big operation.

We started off with an ultrasound where we got to see our Little P again...I think I can see a little face at the top...maybe.

I'm broken up that I have to wait until 12 weeks to see another picture of our little angel. Is this legal?! I am shocked that I can't see he/she every month :-( LOL

Then we met with the practice's midwife for an exam and a convo about how the practice works. Really, it was all a blur to me. I already know I'm having a scheduled c-section so I only paid attention for those parts of the convo. Can you tell I'm still a little sore about my mandatory c-section?? I'm really trying to get over it. So then we get to the nutrition part of the convo and midwife tells me, "You're already a little overweight so we don't want you to gain too much weight.." I really have mixed thoughts about this advice. I feel like pregnant women who are curvy to begin with are totally discriminated against. I mean it does take something away from an otherwise beautiful experience to have to worry about your weight on top of it.

Yes, I'm a curvy girl. Yes, I got me some thick thighs. Yes, my ass is big. Yes, my chest is ample. Yes, I got a little pot in my belly. But I am not inherently unhealthy. Like any other woman, I exercise...when I remember.

So basically I was advised to only gain 15-20 lbs for my entire pregnancy. My breasts and butt are like already 10 of those lbs and the baby will take up the rest. Pray for me ya'll cause it looks like I won't be having anything but water and air for the duration. Since the appointment I've been walking 30 minutes a day to try and keep my weight steady and I must admit I've been scrutinizing everything that I put in my mouth. I hope this doesn't turn into an issue.

After that, we scheduled my first trimester screen appointment where we find out if Little P has any genetic abnormalities. I'm not looking forward to that. My girlfriend recently had one and the results were way, way off and she lived in a state of fear for like a week until they figured it out. Then we scheduled our first appointment with the actual Ob/Gyn. Then we went downstairs for a marathon lab appointment where I gave like six gallons of blood!

I've gotten significantly more tired and am finding it really hard to sleep at night due to my crazy bladder. No lie...I get up like six times a night to pee. I'm grateful though. Truly, truly grateful that I get to get up and pee six times a night.


  1. I love this. Being deemed as "regular" and "normal" has some downsides. What do you mean no more weekly ultrasounds? That's just wrong. But it's good too. Regular is good.

    Your practice sounds very organized. All I got was a talk from the insurance coordinator who made sure to say fifty-leven times that they wouldn't keep seeing me if all of a sudden I went on public aid. Repeatedly. I would've been offended but I was too busy being giddy about being pregnant.

    I skipped that first screen. Mostly because it didn't matter to me what the results said - I liked it in happy denial land. But, I did miss out on an opportunity to see the little person now known as Ladybug.

    And finally, genetics will determine a lot of how much weight you gain. I was a "big girl" lol when I got knocked and I only gained 20 lbs. I did absolutely 0 exercise. 0. None. But I also didn't change my diet a lot either, just kind of maintained what I'd been doing.

    All this peeing is just prep for when little P gets here, up and down up and down :-)

  2. Ugh..that insurance coordinator sounds awful!! Why they always assume somebody gon be on public assistance??

    You know what's funny? I didn't even think to refuse the first trimester screen!! That's probably because I'm so new at this pregnant girl stuff. Whatever the result I won't be doing anything more invasive than a blood test.

    I love your comment about weight gain. The women in my family tend to widen and blow up and I'm only 5 feet tall so I just hope I don't topple over.