Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's Cooking!

There's a new section on the blog called, "What's Cooking". Why, you ask? Because I need to keep myself accountable to cooking meals for my family instead of eating out. It's basically a way to encourage and pat myself on the back so that I'll feel good about cooking. Yay!

I had a sort of epiphany last night...I realized that I was making dinners based on whether or not El Hubster would eat it. Which led to lots of things covered with cheese, lots of meat, very little fish, very little vegetables.

This was wrong thinking!! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

The only way we're gonna survive, and spend less money, is if I make healthy meals. El Hubster doesn't find his way in the kitchen to cook anything. So away with what El Hubster likes. I'm running things up in here! :-)

Anyway, check out the tab from time to time for my attempts at making real food. I'm hoping this will inspire
,ahem, a blogger that shall remain nameless to give me some recipes!


  1. LOL!!!!

    Yes!!!!! and LOL!!!

    TeamImRunningThis! "Jethro" still pushes vegetables around his plate like a little kid, but I keep right on making them. Your new site is inspiring. I'm trying to get back to "do right" myself, because right now I'm do wrong.

  2. HAhaha! El Hubster does the exact same thing!! I hope I can keep it up!I have such a short attention span :-)